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My good friend, Joan Keep, specialises in bridal hair and makeup. Her details and some examples of her work can be seen by clicking here: Bridal Hair and Makeup Mobile Service




During my studies for my Bachelor of Arts(Visual Arts) degree I completed a thesis based on The Lord of the Rings movies where I explored the main character Frodo Baggins. The thesis was entitled 'Is Frodo Baggins a Typical Hero?'. I would like to acknowledge my lecturer Steve Perrin for his inspiration, guidance and support while I was working on it. If you would like to read my thesis, click below: (1.8MB MS Word document - may take a while to open.) Is Frodo Baggins a Typical Hero




Since my days in the banking industry I have kept in touch with a small group of good friends. One of them, Graham, like myself spent some time in the army doing his National Service. Graham, however, did his time in the South African Army during 1976-77 and apparently had a far more interesting time than I did. He has documented his memories of that time and posted them to the web. You can link to his site by clicking here: Graham's army days