I am now exhibiting on a permanent basis at Jule's Cafe, 2 Orana Road Gwandalan as well being a regular exhibitor at the Federation Gallery, Wallarah Peace Park, Wallarah Road, Gorokan. (Although if you are planning a visit there check with me first to see if any of my work is on display)



On a more personal note I have now settled in to my little 'sea change' at Gwandalan. I have completed the transformation of my garage into a studio, having lined the walls and insulated and lined the ceiling (with the help of my cousin Malcolm and his son Jonathon). It is complete with curtains and even carpet (it was cheaper than lino). Have bought myself a little boat (you cant live in Gwandi and not own a boat) although what with the studio conversion and painting not to mention the weather I have not had a lot of opportunities to take it out.


These are old photos that dont show the improvements I have made eg the garden shed, the rain water tank, the new deck rails, the vegie patch, but until I get a chance to update the photos you can get the idea.



Front and rear view






View from deck


Two minutes walk to this:


A ten minute drive to a choice of 3 beaches: